© Pipe Solutions and Home Inspections 2018 Pipe Solutions is a leader in transmission main leak detection from searching for a single, difficult to find leak to the most mundane residential leak.  Our state-of-the- art, and cutting edge, acoustic leak detection equipment has been used all over Southern California and has been specifically designed to accurately pinpoint leaks in large diameter mains of all material types including pre-stressed concrete pipe, steel, cast iron, ductile iron and plastic pipe.  Pipe Solutions offers a full line of large diameter leak detection solutions to best meet the specific needs of our clients. All of our technicians are highly trained and certified field engineers. We provide our services using an Advanced Acoustic Leak Correlator to survey the transmission mains for leaks. This technology uses advanced signal processing and acoustic sensor design that can locate “quiet leaks” and filter out background noise commonly experienced on large diameter pipelines.  These unique features enable the acoustic equipment to be extremely accurate and locate leaks that other correlators cannot locate. Where experience, integrity and expertise come together! and Home Inspections Website Created by: Amazing-Admen Marketing - Ft. Lauderdale, FL